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Originally Posted by jettio

How about reading a few articles about the folks that were killed today in Iraq, before getting diarrhea at the keyboard.

The vanload of Iraqi policemen that got their innards ventilated today were part of the US approved 'fighting back", as were the line of police recruits that were victims to the car bomb in Baghdad.

Your post was the stupidest thing ever posted on Chiefs planet.

Especially considering that the insurgents are exactly standing up to their attempted colonizers.

You blame the victims for doing exactly what our government has asked of them for "fighting back", joining Iraqi security forces or the police. and then you say that they should do what our founding father's did and stand up to the colonial power.

Folks resisting the colonial power are the ones who killed the ones following the US orders.

Everybody knows that Bush's followers are stupid, but c'mon. Damn.
You are a *****ing moron.

Your "queen" was spouting shit on here this morning about how all those that were taking up arms in Iraq were actually joining the insurgents!

Which is it?

Better call the DNC to get your dog damn story straight.
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