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Originally Posted by RINGLEADER
Or maybe he's just PO'd because he said Kerry had this race in the bag last month...

Score it as a loss for [John] Kerry and as a loss for the liberal news media," says pollster John Zogby. "It's amazing how Fox is the tail that wags the dog. Fox, [cybergossip Matt] Drudge and [Rush] Limbaugh are in the driver's seat." Zogby attributes much of Kerry's slide in the polls to discouraged Democrats moving into the undecided column. "I've never seen a situation where a candidate has de-energized his own base," says Zogby. "He's not saying anything his own base needs to hear."

He sounds pretty honest to me. He's saying the Dems screwed up. And they did. And their helpers too. That's pretty damn honest.
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