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Lost - Goofs and Nitpicks Guide

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Season 1
1. Pilot (1)

In such a violent plane crash how was the kid's dog able to sustain absolutely NO injuries while everyone else had natural brusies, cuts, etc.?
How is it that Jack was the only one that landed in the forest alone while all the other passengers landed on the beach? He couldn't have seperated that far from the crash alone.
Response: Jack could of been sucked out the plane before it crashed.
Response: The dog could be injured, they may have just not shown it. It may just have no external wounds.
Having a running engine on the beach made for a pretty dynamic rescue scene, but when the nose section came off, all controls to the engine would be lost, and it would have started spooling down at that point and quickly gotten to where it would not have the power to pull anyone off their feet.
I'm not aware of any passenger jet, that lost nose or tail in flight, and had any survivors. Would lead to a very violent crash, and the biggest pieces you'd find would likely be less than 2 foot by 2 foot, with the wings rupturing and fuel exploding.
In the climactic scene where the trio find the pilot's winged badge, is it really possible to look into lapping waves and see a reflection of a body in the treetops above?
Even if the jet engine were still functioning well enough to suck a human being off the beach, why would this cause it to explode? And given that it does explode, why are none of the survivors injured?
Response: One of the survivers was killed when it exploded actually.
Notice in the first flashback that Jack has, the attendant announces the "pilot" has turned on the seat belt sign, the next two flashbacks are the same except she says "captain." Trifling but odd!
Jack chastizes the "Lifeguard" for not tilting the woman's head back while performing mouth to mouth, good advise, but when he takes over, he makes no attempt to tilt her head either. Beyond that, his cpr chest compressions were so weak, they would not have had much if any effect.


2. Pilot (2)

Fact: A bear's muscles are soo dense if you empty an entire handgun clip into a bear at point blank not a single bullet will reach the rip cage. I suppose he got off a few head shots, but the bears face seemed fine.
The stuff they were saying in French on the radio was not really as the girl translated. it was rather saying: "it is outside, they are all dead, please help us". And then "If anyone hears this,I'll try to reach the black rock".
Is it really a goof she got the French wrong? She said she "drank instead of studied" when she was in Paris.
Regarding the translation of the French transmission not matching what was actually said: This could simply be due to Shannon's lack of fluency in French. There could be vital information that they've now missed because of her, and that could be part of the plot.
The handgun was awfully large to be kept in an ankle holster.
Charlie, in a flashback scene to the airplane, is getting ill from turbulance and in need of a fix, races to the lav just behind the flight deck for a snort, then dumps his stash in toilet before rough turbulance hits. He then exits the lav and moves at most a couple rows back before jumping into a seat as masks fall. This would have put him in the front section of plane in jungle, that no passengers survived, not the mid (wing) section on beach. That nose section appears long enough for 2 class sections.
We see Charlie's cool retro shoes in the bathroom on the plane, but when they are climbing up to higher ground he is wearing brown boots.
RE: Charlie's Shoes--Maybe he switched shoes before going hiking like Kate did.
They won't allow you to bring a knife on board, but they will sell you all sorts of blades on the plane - razors, nail scissors etc.

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