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Originally Posted by alanm
Same here. One of my Uncles was a Homicide Det in Kansas City. He left the force a number of years back and went to work as a Insurance investigator. Better hrs. and a lot more $$$. He was instrumental in my interest in Law Enforcement. I applied for the *** about 3 years after I graduated college and spent time bumming around and not really knowing what I wanted to do with my degree in Business. Course I was sort of the hippy type and partied quite a bit. Drank a lot and did about every drug known to man and then some a time or two. And my best friend who was about to join the Air Force and still is in the Air Force but is due to retire soon got me to fill out a app for the *** at a job fair we went to. I was shocked that after a few months had gone by that I got a call to come in for a interview. Came in and had to fill out another application. When it came down to the question about whether or not I drank, used or had used drugs before I answered yes to all of the above. I knew they were going to find out anyway if they did a background check on me by talking to friends, neighbors, teachers, employers ect. So why lie about it. I was stunned and floored that after another couple of months went by that I was called in for another interview and then offered the job. Turns out admitting my drug use was a bonus for telling the truth. Go figure. So here's a lesson for you boys and girls. Always tell the truth.
Well sure, the FDA considers drug use a plus.
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