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Originally Posted by InChiefsHell
Very nice!

ONe of these years, I should try the bow hunting. I've really only been hunting for about 6 years, so the thrill is still there with a rifle. And seriously, every deer I've taken in the last 3 years could have been easily taken with a bow, they were that close.
I have bow hunted for 4 years now and haven't harvested a deer, but there still isn't any other type of hunting that I have done that compares to bow hunting. You really get in tune with the timber and the deer.

All that aside, I have a "Rambo" belt full of 12 ga. slugs and a Remington 1100 that won't be too concerned with being in tune with the timber this weekend. It is now time to throw lead at those whitetail infidels.
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