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Originally Posted by Nzoner 338
There I was I had just gotten back to my seat with one of those $5.50 Sprites and had added some Seagrams from my cell phone flask when I hear someone yell,"CSI....incoming,incoming.!!!"

I look up just in time to see an officer and an Arrowhead security guy headed my way and looking right at me.

Knowing I was busted I hand the drink to him and he asks what I poured it from so I show him and he takes my flask saying nothing and turns and leaves.

I decide to get up and follow him because I really would like my flask back.

We get down to the concourse and he pours my drink down a drain then opens the flask and pours the remains of it out.All the while I'm asking to get my flask back and he's saying nothing.

Finally I tell him if he must just kick me out of the game but don't take my flask as it was a gift.

He asks if I'm a season ticket holder and I tell him yes and he replies,"You know if I write you up for this you'll lose your season tickets?"

So now I'm getting angry and tell him,"fine I'm not renewing them next year anyway."

He then makes a comment about what a unique idea the flask is and hands it back to me and walks off.I tell him Merry Christmas as he walks off.

I turn to go back to my seat and the security guy says,"sorry man that dudes got hawk eyes,if it'd be up to me no biggie you were being cool" etc.

Okay,I'm not saying I was right here but c'mon I been goin down to Arrowhead for 12 years,never been kicked out,written up etc. and yet deputy dawg has to act like this.

I can see it if I was being rowdy and starting some shit or something but I don't get it,I can pay $7.75 for a beer to catch a buzz but dare not pay $5.50 for a damn Sprite and add a little holiday cheer.

NOTE TO DELT IF HE READS THIS.........We should probably sit in a different section Christmas Day
Sounds to me like the guy was pretty decent. He was only doing his job, and he was decent enough to return the flask to you. What more can you ask for? I'd look at it like getting caught speeding and being let off with a warning. Beats the hell out of having the book thrown at you, no matter how much of jerk the guy might have been.

If your sneaking booze in is supposed to be some sort of civil disobedience to protest the price of liquor in the stadium, the guy working security is hardly the guy to be bitching at.
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