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Originally Posted by tk13
Exactly, it has to be guaranteed, because you're worried about taking that chance...

And if you met someone that you really cared about, you would too spend more than a dime on that person.
No, it has to be guaranteed because I'm not interested in wasting time. You have to understand I have a geek's mindset about these things. It's for the same reason that I don't own any suits. I'll buy one if I ever need to go on a job interview for a fortune 500 company or something.

Meeting someone that I really care about? Ain't going to happen. I'm too selfish.

Originally Posted by tk13
You don't even have to have relationship experience to know that, you just have had to really wanted someone, and you have...
Yeah, in the past. If those girls had panned out I would have quickly learned it wasn't really worth it.

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