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Originally Posted by Phobia
I don't know about WTI, but I'm having trouble with this whole plea bargain thing....

A month long beard is no sacrifice at all. Certainly not enough of a sacrifice to "earn" name changing rights. Name changing rights are a valuable commodity here at the Planet. Growing a beard for one month doesn't earn somebody name chaning rights for one day, much less an entire month. This contest must go longer than a month. It was a year long contest and you both pissed all over your shoes at the starting line.

How very disappointing. I'll await an official ruling from WTI, but I think you both lose your naming rights forever for this horrible display in judgment. WTF were you both thinking?
I got out of this thread before any mea culpa was asked or granted from the contestants.

To say I'm disappointed (not surpised) at the lack of will in either of the contestants is an understatement.

This contest should continue.
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