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Originally Posted by 2bikemike
1. This is a facial hair growing contest between gochiefs and Slayer Diablo.
2. It runs through Dec 31st, 2005.
3. Longest facial hair on Dec 31st, 2005 wins.
4. This means you cannot shave for an entire year. At all. If you shave, you forfeit. Period.
5. Winner take all. Winner retains personal naming rights for all time. Winner owns loser's naming rights through Dec 31st, 2006 or for one year from the date of the forfeit or disqualification. Winner collects the pot - whatever donations people throw into the challenge pot.
6. Both participants are required to post an update photo once a month. It must be posted by the last day of the month or you forfeit.
7. WilliamTheIrish is designated as impartial judge. His decisions are final

Please highlight the concession rules.
Thank you Mike.

I think any punishment is suitable for these two.
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