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I love it! You guys took it upon yourself and volunteered for my "all idiot team"! Thats great. Although some of you dont belong ie Mile High, Morphius, Hardcore, Bwana, you guys know a thing or two about the game.

JOhn, Luzap, Bliss and Titus belong here. I am glad you guys found a home!

I really wanted to put together an official "all idiot team" last year, but never got around to it.

Was is you JOhn that said going to a Chiefs game when its cold is a serious "health risk"? I just wanted to make sure because that assinine statement is what got you on the team.

That might be my favorite statement by a Chief fan since I joined this forum two years ago:

"We dont go to the game when it so cold because its a serious health risk"

Thank You! I shared it with my office. They loved it! Bliss, Luzap, can you guys do better than that?
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