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I want to play...I have a new ball and my daddy will mow the field for free..

but...I want to play safety...One of you DL need to grab a leg, stand crackfan up and let me have a good 10yard run...I'll chew off my broken fingers to stay in the game, eat buzzard guts at halftime and kick the other team in the nuts at the bottom of every pile...I'll make Ronnie Lott look like a schoolgirl...I'm not big, fast, or talented, but consider myself tougher than boiled owl shit(while on a computer)...I'm not mindless, but I am a barbarian..grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Packfans memeory....I'm sure it compares to a zoo monkey with terrets syndrome..who can't remember the taste from the last time he ate his own Shiite.

can i play, can i, can i, can i huh..cmon..

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