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Hello all!

I suddenly realized that this thread is taking up entirely too much of my time.

Updated roster (Bwana is busy finding out why Elvis has never won a playoff game so I do not suffer the same fate):

Team owner: Mi_chief_fan
GM: Bwana (as if he does anything but "enhance" the look of the sidelines.)
Coach: Denzel Washington (unless someone opposes this selection.)
QB: Mark M (Has won a playoff game)
FB: Bob Dole (Now known as the Fullback Bob Dole).
HB: Luz (averages 4 ypc...for his three carries a game).
HB: H_C (Will bust off a 60 yard and then ride the bench...Greg Hill Jr.).
WR: KPhobia, JOhn, coryt (Three Amigoes)
OT: Titus; Wolfman (The Bookend have my back, Titus).
OG: Russ, TBD (Any takers for the other spot?)
Center/Hair gel conniseur: Cameron Diaz
TE: Mark Kilgore (he asked for it); dawsonpa (can we still smack you on the butt Pam?)
PK: Dartgod ("He's got leeeegggss . . . ")


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