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cont'd (I did this backa$$words...oh well!)

PR/KR: mlyonsd (You catch with your hands, not your helmet.)
MLB: Chief Priority (Just plain mean.)
DT: The Fly, 58forever (They don't watch the ball, either.)
DE: gaz (Are you still in?), TBD (Any takers? C'mon slackers!)
RCB: htismaque (Needed to feel included.)
LCB: Disco Jones (Will dance better than Deion.)
SS: WisChief (Got the skillz.)
FS: Iowanian (Is heavily armed...and perhaps medicated.)
Punter: Mi_chief_fan (Is the owner...can do whatever the hell he wants.)
Off-the-field personnel:
Waterboy: alanm (Because he's "special".)
Cheerleader: Trixy, Katt, Starr and the other whores--er--I mean athletic supporters--er--I mean Fan Support Specialists from the Million Dollar Fantasy Ranch, Warrensbug, MO
PR Man: RCG Chief (a.k.a. Bob Greetz...Make us look good)
Masseuse: Smltheppl (Such a delicate touch.)
Legal counsel: AZ Chief (With KCs recent problems, not a bad idea.)
Media Guide Manager: Misplaced Chiefs Fan (Be sure to include the attendance in that day's program. Packfan will use this publication for his main source of info.)
Designated Smart Slapper: bkkcoh (Hee keeeps us hear ideeuts n lin.)
Executive in Charge of Player Fines: Clint in Wichita (just don't shoot us).
The butt of our jokes: Packfan (You just make it soooo easy.)

Still looking for anther DE, OLB, OG. I haven't heard from morphius, Chiefs Red Pants and a few other regulars.

~~Really needs a hobby.
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