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What time is it?
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Casino cash: $5000
PR/KR: mlyonsd (Our local Ford dealer...Vanover Jr.)
LB: Chief Priority; Chief Red Pants (They’re meaner than Maz, deadly than Donnie, and they lick Bush.)
DT: The Fly (Because he doesn’t watch the ball); 58forever (Because he watches the ball but doesn’t care); Logical (“There’s a ball?”)
DE: gaz (In like Flynn.); stevieray (His pass rush is like lasts about 1/10th a second and stops when it hits something.)
RCB: htismaque (Likes to keep things under the cover.)
LCB: Disco Jones (Dances like Deion Sanders, tackles like Deion Warwick.)
SS: WisChief (Strong, but not very safe.)
FS: Iowanian (Comes out gunning...literally...Rae Carruth Jr.)
Punter: Mi_chief_fan (Had nothing better to do.)
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Mark M is a favorite in the douche of the year contest.Mark M is a favorite in the douche of the year contest.
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