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I think the roster is done!!

Of course, things could change at any time. If Bwana would stop trying to be the albino Shaft, I could focus more time on winning playoff games and less on finding smarta$$ed remarks to make about everyone. (And remember, these are supposed to be jokes. They were all funny before I typed them.)

Without further ado, here we go (I hope I posted this in the correct order!):

Team owner: Mi_chief_fan (Started this mess.)
GM/Team Pimp: Bwana (Busy looking for his new negotiating “tool.”)

Coaching staff:
Head Coach: Denzel Washington (Just don’t fumble.)
ST Coach: Otter (Only because he’s so special.)
OC: Dartgod (Has no balance...perfect for our system.)

QB: Mark M (Will win playoff games.)
FB: Bob Dole (Will block and run in the third person.)
HB: Luz (Gets two carries a game, even though he deserves more...Kimble Anders Jr.)
HB: H_C (Will bust off a 80 yard and then ride the bench for dating the coach’s girlfriend...Greg Hill Jr. ).
HB: Lumpoc Brave (Starter in name only...Mike Cloud Jr.)
WRs: KPhobia, JOhn, coryt (All have hands...what more do you want?)
OT: Titus; Wolfman (Tackle is your position, not a blocking technique.)
OG: Russ; bishop74 (They just get in the way.)
Center/Star of many a fantasy: Cameron Diaz
TE: dawsonpa (Can smack her butt often, but lightly.); Mark Kilgore (Got his way. Happy now? )
PK: Dartgod (Couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat...Lin Eliot Jr.)
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