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Originally Posted by Kclee
And what's with Locke? When he, Sawyer, and Kate are in the jungle, Locke tells that story about his mom thinking the dog was his dead sister telling her it wasn't her fault. Then he just gives a small smile to Sawyer. How does Locke know the things he knows about everyone else?

Locke is slowly helping each member of the island unlock their own baggage and vices. Boone's caring for his sister, Michael finally becoming a father figure and hero for his son, Charlie kicking drugs, Sawyer's guilt over killing an innocent man.

Locke's character seems to be based on the British philosopher Locke who felt that everyone is born with a blank slate (tabula rosa - the name of the episode with Lock's flashback) and all of our ideas come about from experiences with the physical world and our knowledge comes from experience. To help get past their problems each person on the island must have some form of an experience which the island is helping create - Boone's dream about his sister, Sawyer's confrontation with the boar, Michael saving walt from the polar bear.

That's my take anyway.
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