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ok gang.....

he was a f.a. and the pick we got was a comp at the end of the 1st round. his name was leon bender. he died prior to camp while he was taking a shower.

the league does not comp for franchise tags. the team getting the player does.

ergo... no franchise tag.

part of the criteria when a team gets comped for a f.a., is how much that free agent signed for. 30 mil for 5 years if i remember correctly. another part of it is free agents signed versus free agents lost. if you sign more free agents which have a collective value MORE than the ones you lost, you get squat. in other words if baltimore lost ray lewis but signed randy moss they wouldnt get anything.

if they lost ray lewis and hey didnt sign anyone from free agency they would more than likely get a first.

that is why it was so high. we werent too busy that offseason.

go to and we will all see the chiefs did not give us any pick. look at the chiefs draft and the raiders draft.

leon was the last pick taken in the first round that year.

exclusive rights franchise tag= noone can talk to said player without that current teams permission.

non exclusive right franchise tag=player and agent can TRY and line up deals.

chester was neither though.

btw.... there is no TEAM compensation for a transitional player. only a right to match like we did with brown,when he signed on the dotted line with denver.
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