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Originally Posted by Baby Lee
I can see that as a concern, particularly as you are inevitably gonna run into recycled plastics.
Just kind of interested in how much work they've put into durability under extreme heat, because my buddy put a lot of research into what the specs were on durability under UV and durability under changing conditions [hot to cold].
And I must say, it's a sweet deck. Now to see how it looks 10-15 years from now.
I wasn't as concerend about the temperature affecting durability as I was comfort. I've experienced a hybrid wood and trex deck in 90 degree heat. The trex was too hot to stand on and I had to jump over to the wood decking. I can't imagine how that would affect not only the comfort on his feet, but also the surrounding temperature if the plastic is holding that much heat. If he were allowed to cover the deck, that would be another story.
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