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Originally Posted by penchief
Is that all you got to say, Pussy?

That's so typical of people like you. What a Rump Ranger.

In fact, why don't you look into how much a plane ticket costs because I just my pay that fucher.

Even though I've been a fighter, I've never been an aggressive fighter. But there is just something about you and the things that have gone tonight that have put me in a bad mood. I have absolutley no doubt that I would kick your ass royally. In fact, PM me and I'll give you a phone number and we'll talk about a meeting place.

I'm sick and tired of phoney hard-asses like yourself.

P.S. Big Daddy, I'm in no way referring to you. Just pussies like Brock.
Might I suggest stepping away from the computer and getting a good night's sleep... Seriously, if a person on an internet board ticks you off that much, there's really no point with staying on and arguing to the point where you're wanting to fight someone... It's the internet. I assume you have a life (unless you're at work right now, like me ), go live it.
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