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Originally Posted by Cocina_Basement
Without raising ticket prices probably. They don't make enough off merchandising, tv & radio revenue, concession & parking to probably sustain a team in the 50-60 mil range. Factor in the decrease in the peanuts payroll tax they get now by bumping up their payroll and he probably does take a loss.

Ohh - and the downtown K would obviously need more suites and should have field level suites to maximize corp dollars. What it doesn't need is a bunch of fan's zones stuff that will take up valuable space in a new park, detract from the focus of the game and can easily be setup outside in the parking lots which = saving that stadium room for crowd entry/exit or seats without sacrificing the beautiful sitelines
Yeah, what you said.

The field at the K is nice. The concourse and surrounding areas are pretty much a dump when you get right down to it.
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