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Closed Minded.

There, I said it.

Now that I've said it, I feel I should offer an apology and an explanation. You see, part of me feels bad for saying it, but I think I have a right to say it because I'm who I am and I'm proud of what I'm thinking and saying most of the time and should be excused when I say something hurtful. Anyone who knows me knows that I never intentionally hurt anyone, so that makes it okay. Really. If this explanation isn't good enough, I'm sorry for that too.

You really must admit that I'm superior, though. Just like Rich Gannon was superior to Elvis and proved it the past 2 seasons, I will prove in many ways that I am superior because I want what is good for everyone as long as it coincides with what I want for everyone. (Because if what they want doesn't coincide with what I want for them, then it's not good for them.)

Don't you see?
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