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Chiefs are racist

How can you guys be fans of a clearly racist team? Teams like the 'Redskins' and the 'Chiefs' are clearly depicting American Indians in an inappropriate manner. As if the white man has not done enough damage to the Indian culture and heritage, football teams like the Chiefs must portray Indians and their mascot and portray American Indians in a demoralizing manner.

The US would never stand for team names like the 'Honkies', 'Spooks', 'RagHeads', 'WOPs', or 'Slants'. Why then should we be subjected to the desecration of the American Indian?

By simply supporting this, what I consider to be a criminal organization, you are backing the negative portrayal of the American Indian. Therefore, I consider you not Chiefs fans, but racists. The path to Arrowhead Stadium is truly a Trail of Tears.

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