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The negative connotation of the Chiefs is that the 'Cheifs' are CLEARLY assoicated with American Indians.

If you saw 60,000 people dress up in black face and afro wigs prancing around the football field, would it be considered honoring the black community?? No, it would be considered racist.

Additionally, the Chiefs are assoicted as 'tribe' of violent players coming to Arrowhead Stadium to 'do battle'. Clearly, the Chiefs mascot is a negative association with the American Indian.

Moreover, American Indian groups have voiced their frustration, understandably, about the Cheifs:

"A Native American Speaker at a recent assembly expressed his feelings on the unfair treatment of Native Americans in the United States. He also declared that teams named after Native Americans, like Florida State Seminoles, Atlanta Braves, The Kansas City Chiefs, and many more were racist. Tuesday (9/ 21/99) "

You can deny these FACTS, but I beg you to consider them before you support the Chiefs any longer. I am not here to be labeled a 'troll' -- I am here to wake you minds to the clear racism associated with the Chiefs!
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