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Here's the rest of your post:

If you saw 60,000 people dress up in black face and afro wigs prancing around the football field, would it be considered honoring the black community?? No, it would be considered racist.
There are two points here. First, the vast majority of people in the stadium are not dressed in mock-Indian headgear. If that action is offensive, then it is the action by the person that is offensive, nothing more and nothing less. Second, as I stated, there is a team named Arabians. If that involves some dude in a turban riding around on a horse swinging around a curved sword, who cares. If it involves some dude with bombs strapped on to him running around, then that is cause for concern.

Additionally, the Chiefs are assoicted as 'tribe' of violent players coming to Arrowhead Stadium to 'do battle'. Clearly, the Chiefs mascot is a negative association with the American Indian.
Again, this goes back to the mindset behind the first statement. You are trying to associate the name with anything negative about Native Americans that comes in your mind. That is a pathetic mindset to take. EVERY NFL team does what the Chiefs do, so in essence if we associate the action with the nicname, every NFL team is doing something offensive in relation to their particular nicname, be it associated with a person, animal, or thing. Also, the Chiefs "mascot" is a Wolf, not an Indian, so I don't see how that is negative.

Moreover, American Indian groups have voiced their frustration, understandably, about the Cheifs:

"A Native American Speaker at a recent assembly expressed his feelings on the unfair treatment of Native Americans in the United States. He also declared that teams named after Native Americans, like Florida State Seminoles, Atlanta Braves, The Kansas City Chiefs, and many more were racist. Tuesday (9/ 21/99) "
These are opinions of a few people. I have spoken to many Native Americans who could care less. If you take the opinions of some people as being fact, then hey, whatever gets you by. I would like to know the exact reasons in specific relation to the Kansas City Chiefs that the speaker above finds the name negative.

So again, if you believe "Chiefs" is rasist just because it is related to Native Americans in a way, then in my opinion that is rasist thinking in itself, because to make that assumption you would have to assume that everything related to Native Americans is negative...
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