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Sadly, it has become clear that Chiefs fans are comfortable with their racism. The vast majority of the responses have been either insulting or threatening. Additionally, some people are choosing to ignore their support of a racist organization by posting about food. Clearly, few if any of you care about the American Indians and the injustice that the Chiefs organization is creating.

It has become obvious that Chiefs fans, the supporters of a historically, mediocre team, are not only shallow, but ignorant as well. Clearly, their anger and frustration in their pathetic excuse for a NFL franchise has been channeled into hate. Hate and bigotry directed to American Indians.

You may insult me, you may mock me, but you mock what you do not understand. I only hope for your sake, you one day wake up to the racist conspiracy that plagues the Chiefs organization.

If you choose to kick me off, because you are afraid to confront your worst fears, which deep-down you know to be true, I will understand. Less intelligent people tend lash out in ways that display power.

Please know that I will pray for your racist souls as you are sent to the cold bowels of Hell.
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