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This reminds me of something I read a few years ago:

'In this era of "Political Correctness" and "enlightenment"
some sports team names are being examined. I feel that the current public awareness of these issues needs to be heightened. Let me share the following list of "offensive" team names:

- Offensive to non-Christians
New Orleans Saints, California Angels,
San Diego Padres, Arizona Cardinals,
St. Louis Cardinals
- Promotes stealing
Tampa Bay Buccaneers,
Pittsburgh Pirates,
Oakland Raiders
- Promotes alcoholism
Milwaukee Brewers
- Offensive to Native Americans
Chicago Blackhawks, Kansas City Chiefs,
Washington Redskins, Cleveland Indians
- Offensive to Southerners
New York Yankees
- Offensive to singles
Minnesota Twins
- Promotes aristocracy and inequality
Kansas City Royals, Sacramento Kings,
Los Angeles Kings
- Promotes superstition
Orlando Magic
- Offensive to the height-challenged
New York Giants, San Francisco Giants
- Offensive to fans of other musical styles
Utah Jazz, St. Louis Blues
- Anti-British
Philadelphia 76ers, New England Patriots
- Promotes violence
Washington Bullets, Buffalo Sabres,
Golden State Warriors
- Promotes violence against animals
San Antonio Spurs
- Promotes anti-social behavior
Dallas Mavericks, Tampa Bay Rowdies
- Offensive to propeller-powered planes
New York Jets
- Offensive to other colors
Cleveland Browns
- Offensive to other metals
Pittsburgh Steelers
- Anti-environment
Houston Oilers
- Pro-electricity
San Diego Chargers, Tampa Bay Lightning
- Promotes white male WASP stereotypes
Dallas Cowboys
- Offensive to landlubbers
Los Angeles Clippers, Seattle Mariners
- Pro-Scandinavian
Minnesota Vikings
- Pro-Irish
Boston Celtics
- Promotes greed
San Francisco 49ers, Denver Nuggets
- Pro-Canadian
Montreal Canadiens, Vancouver Canucks,
Toronto Maple Leafs
- Offensive to the ground-bound
Philadelphia Flyers
- Pro-government
Washington Capitals
- Promotes mindless killing
Toronto Raptors
- Anti-night
Phoenix Suns
- Pro-Disney
Anaheim Mighty Ducks
- Promotes police brutality
New York Rangers, Texas Rangers
- Offensive to slower planes
Seattle Supersonics
- Promotes forest fires
Portland Trail Blazers
- Offensive to fashion-impaired
Chicago White Sox, Boston Red Sox
- Offensive to mountain-impaired states
Colorado Rockies
- Promotes foreign automobiles
Jacksonville Jaguars
- Promotes 4-wheel drive automobiles
Denver Broncos
- Offensive to anyone not named William
Buffalo Bills
- Offensive to Type-B personalities
Oakland A's
- Offensive to the former hometowns of these teams
Los Angeles Dodgers,
Los Angeles Lakers
- Offensive to mainlanders
New York Islanders
- Promotes global warming
Miami Heat
- Pro-French
Cleveland Cavaliers
- Pro-Satan
New Jersey Devils
- Promotes Hollywood values
Dallas Stars

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