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This part from JoPo's article is just classic too IMO...

We pause for a moment here to say a quick word about Terrence Long. You know, he’s a veteran player making almost $5 million this year. There is no chance the Royals will bring him back next year. So, recently, the question was posed to Royals manager Buddy Bell why Long was playing every day instead of a younger player who might actually be part of the team’s future.

Bell acknowledged that this was a good question. He said you don’t want to “give up the ship.” And he said Long has been “the team’s best player the last month.”

This really troubled me. First of all: Give up the ship? What? That ship sank months ago. That ship is so far under, all you can do now is send down one of those explorer boats and search for lost treasure — like Jose Lima’s bonus money. Secondly though, I was surprised to hear that Long has been the team’s best player. I mean, I’m not anti-Terrence Long or anything, but I can’t remember him being all that good.

So I looked it up: The last month, Long has hit .274 with zero homers, zero stolen bases and eight walks.
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