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Things i've seen on the road....

I started this thread a few months ago,hope no one minds me keeping it currant,and I hope you get a laugh out of it,even if it is at my expearience.

(ps...yeah I know I cant spell)

Ok Bishop...befor I have to get going,,heres a few of my favorite memories of 10yrs plus driving long haul coast to coast.....

Comming through the tunnel in Montreal Quebec one afternoon,I look in the mirrors to se this nissian 300zx all "blacked out" in the middle lane.
Looking down through the open T-top's when it got beside me (truckers have a WICKED view inside cars going by) I see this gal giving the driver a B.J. Traffic was really going slow,so being the sh*t disturber I am I light an M-60 fire cracker with about a 15 sec fuse on it and toss it into the back seat as they pulled away.....All I saw was his head and shoulders clear the roof line of the car.
He chased me for about 100 miles befor figuring out I wasnt pulling over.....

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