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Theres a certian guarantee in trucking...
What ever you just loaded was ordered a week late,,,shipped a week after that.....but you the driver are the one who get screamed at if you dont go from point A to point B in an insane time limit.
I just love how this happens.You book a load,that JUST NOW pop's up on the "load board" (the web site I go to to find loads)..and the load broker tells you ONLY AFTER you get it on the trailer ..."oh by the way it HAS to be there tomorrow".
NOw you gear up for a fun night of re-writing a log book several times,shoveling hand full after hand full of "what ever" to keep up for 24-36hrs at a time and ya feel like sh*t the next day,,,but hot dang,,,you made it!!!
Now here comes the kicker.....the goon at the dock looks at you with the blank "McDonalds attendant" stare and says somthing like......."ahhhh do ya have an apointment"?
Now what you reallly want to do is choke the sh*t outa him,,but you try in vain to explane that "THIS" is the load that was in such a rush,that the multi million dollar co. would shut the doors at 10am if they didnt get their goods by 6am to keep the 6 gazillion employies all supplied with butt wipe rags or what ever the heck else it was you had on the trailer.
You stand their for an hour while said "dumber than dirt" dock boy makes a million or 2 phone calls to see if your "ACME butt crack filler" is supposed to deliver today or next month...and guess what?......your 6 days eairly every time!!!!
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