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Originally Posted by xfactor
It should never come down to who is a better Superfan, cause we are a team and no one is any better than the other. Arguements could be made all day long on this topic, but the simple fact is that we all work together to move mountains in our communities!!! Each Superfan is a better fan in some aspect but that is not what it's about. With all our positive attributes coming together as 1, that is the ultimate SUPERFAN. There is no I in team and that is what this group is totally all about.
A few years ago, Xfactor loaned me a sharpie when I was over two hours late to a Priest Holmes autograph session at the Fox and the Hound.

I had finally sweet talked my way through the agent/pr & bodyguard guy when I realized that I had no sharpie. Xfactor saved the day!
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