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Along with having to be a need to be part contortionest as well.(ok,ok,I cant spell!! )
Nothing will drive a guy battier than showing up at a loading dock and having the guy tell ya,,,"oh yeah "big" trucks come in here all the time.
Now this gets really intresting when your pulling a 53ft trailer as opposed to a 40ft "city" trailer,,,now compound that with the fact an average highway tractor is around 26ft long and a city truck (with no bunk) is about 14.....
Take the extra 13ft of trailer,and the 10 or so ft difference in cab lenghtand have somthing about 20-25ft longer that mr geinous at the dock is used to seeing.
Where am I going with this you might ask?......
Picture backing your car into a garage from a 90 degree a brick wall exaclty 8ft away from the mouth of that garage,and try backing into it!!
Some of these guys will design a multi million $$ complex but forget that in order to service it,ya need a weeee bit more room than 65ft from dock to said wall to fit the normal 75ft highway combination.....

Not really a gripe,more of a vent folks......
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