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Casino cash: $5860 last one before I call it a night ,as my trailer is loaded and I have to get headding for Ohio.
Back a few years ago I used to pull flat bed trailers,now these are just dandy for hauling x-mass trees on.In a closed box trailer you can get ohhh 4-500 trees.On a flat bed,well heck,,,how greedy are ya?...I've personally gotten 750-900 on one.This of cource doesnt come with out some sacrafice!!
That would be the legal hight your allowed to run (13'6") Now a real funny thing happens when you start boogieing up the Blvd 15'6" tall with a load of "ho-ho bushes"....first off they WILL settle a bit,so when you come to the first state scale house ,all they make you do is try to tighten your cargo straps down a bit more,and send you on your way. I'm here to tell ya from first hand might squash 14'6 down to 13'6'...and if your really BIG and strong ya might even get 15" down to 13'6"....but aint no way in hell yer EVER gonna get 15'6" to the 13-6 line.
You first happen to go under a few underpasses.....Ahhhhh the memories,,,,you feel the thud,knowing your load has "shrunk" a bit,you look in the mirrors to see if all's well only to see the "green cloud of pine needles" disapate,and be replaced by the funky red and blue's of a state trooper!
Ok...after he reams you a new hole,,your on your way to the "Big Apple"...yepper NYC,great place,used to love starting in Yonkers and going out to Long Isl with 15-20 dropps.
The first few are mighty neat,especially if the guys helping you......(read that : catching the trees YOU throw off the top of the trailer to them) unload are first timers,,or just temp help who have been having "cock-tails" to keep warm while waiting for you to show up.....
And trust me it never fails to be the coldest day of the week/year/century when you have to hump almost a 1000 "ho-ho-bushes" off your trailer.
The first few trees uysually look like building grade lumber "Good one side"....(refer back to the hight and underpass thing) this one year I skun up the top trees on the load dang near perfectly.
They could have laid flat against a thats what I told this guy on 141st st in Manhattan. ( See a driver has to come good for damaged trees and I do hate giving away $$$) He says....."WTF are these"??? I replied "arent you the one who ordered the .....(god i'm good on my feet at thinking quick) "APARTMENT TREES"....he looks at me like I have 3 heads and again says "WTF".....I explane to him how their the biggest rage in canada this year,,,and selling like hot cakes,as people in small appt's. can now have a big tree in half the space.Ya just stand it flush to a wall staple it in place and voliaaa!
I'd like to think it was my sales men ship that seald the deal...not the fifth of Jack he had obviously inhaled that day....He bought it hook line and sinker!!
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