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Originally Posted by Chiefs_Mike_Topeka
I spend literally hundreds of dollars a year buying tickets, new Chiefs gear and other items. Do I devote entire weekends to helping my community..... sure do, volunteer at my church all the time and coach USA wrestling in a volunteer capacity.

As far as them being "superfans" I have already stated my opinion on that. For me it is simply a way for these guys to gain some semblence of fame, I would bet about anything that when they meet people out of "costume" that they will mention "who they are" within minutes. So it is simply a case of them wanting to draw attention to themselves. And as far as their charity work goes...... great for them, really I admire anyone that does that. But if they REALLY wanted to help the Chiefs and be a "superfan" why don't they devote more time and energy to volunteering at some of the players charities instead of someday dreaming of having their own special little sign down on the field besides Wil Shields "Wil to Succeed" charity banner. Personally I am irritated by people that are constantly "needing" the attention they are seeking. I have often heard the better person you are the less you have to talk about it for people to realize it. I think it is pretty similar for fans as well.

They already do that sort of thing. Before you judge, learn the truth.
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