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I think these guys are GREAT. Who gives a flyin rats ass what their motivies were in the beginning. There is nothing on this earth more satisfying to the soul than helping childen out. Being responsible for bringing smiles to kids faces and making their day would be an awsome feeling. I'll never forget the game last Christmas when me and my 11 yr old daughter broke down in the Grandview triangle on the way up from Augusta. We made it to the game OK but Laryssa was a little nervous and scared over the whole ordeal. While looking around B5 for CP members Xtreme came out of nowhere and jumped in front of Laryssa to say hi and shake her hand, gave me goose bumps to see how happy she was at that time. I introduced myself to FDE, he shook my hand and went immeadiatly to Laryssa making her feel like she was his best friend. We got a shot of her and FDE at the skins game and it's the only picture hanging on her bedroom wall. These guys are part of the whole Arrowhead experiance and it wouldnt be the same without them. Keep up the good work fellas. You all rock.
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