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Well as a "new poster", I have an opinion on this. Some of you may know me from the old Rivals board so this won't be suprising, but here it is:

Gunther Cunningham and the 3 stooges were the absolute worst coaching staff in the NFL last year and maybe ever. Period. Is Gun a nice guy? Do I feel bad for him? Am I pissed at King Carl for dumping gun the way he did? The answer to all of those is YES. But, it doesn't change the fact that Gun was not a very good head coach. He got handed a team of malcontents and low morale and a QB at the center of it all (which is a whole other story), so I wouldn't have blamed him for losing seasons. The problem is that he did absolutely nothing with what he did have and he made no strides whatsoever in improving anything. He surrounded himself with the 3 stooges, which in and of itself speaks volumes about his coaching decisions. Additionally, how many games were the Chiefs competitive in last year that could have been won had they not been obviously outcoached? The answer is almost all of them. If you truly think Gun was worth his weight as a head coach in KC then you've been smoking the crackpipe just a little to much.

Marty/Gun ball. Geez, what do I say about that? RBBC, running off tackle with the teams slowest runner on 3rd and 15, playing favorites who are less talented than bench riders, the yearly "this year will be different" load, getting ahead by 7 in the first quarter and then spending the other 3 1/2 quarters trying to "protect" that lead instead of trying to build on it (and doing that with an ineffective soft zone), stop me when you feel depressed. What more is there to say? Watching the Chiefs over the last few seasons has been like beating your head up against a brick wall - pure frustration. There have been glimpses of some real talent in KC, only to see it all wasted with piss poor coaching and philosophy. I still blame Marty for replacing Gannon with Grbac in the playoffs the year they lost to Denver (who subsequently went on to win it all). But again, the whole QB thing is a whole other topic exept for the fact that he was one of those "favorites" that marty/Gun got fixated on.

Which brings me to this season. What a breath of fresh air. The Chiefs may not win much this season, but at least it will be for lack of talent or inexperience. It WON'T be because of the 3 stooges, favoritism, bad team morale due to all of the above OR lack of proper game planning. I seriously doubt the team just flat out gets "outcoached" this year. We'll see and only time will tell. However, this team will be a lot more enjoyable to watch - win or lose. There is optimism that there is nowhere to go but up. A feeling which has been sorely lacking in KC for several years now.

As for the offensive scheme (Marty/Gun ball), I was never opposed to the offensive scheme. What I was and still am opposed to is the manner in which Marty/Gun USED that scheme - idiots at work. Bottom line is the best type of offense is an EFFECTIVE offense. Regardless of what scheme it is - West Coast or whatever. The Chiefs were hell bent on using an INEFFECTIVE scheme. Will this new package be better? Obviously everybody hopes so - and I for one am optimistic. Again, time will tell. As long as it is effective, I don't really give a rat's A$! what scheme they use. Although I admit, a high powered passing type offense is certainly more exciting. The ultimate excitement though is a mark in the big "W" column in a game that has some importance - playoffs, superbowl. And that, my friends is something that Marty/Gun ball could never somehow muster. That is all I have to say about that!

In the end, I wasn't exactly thrilled about Gun being hired when Marty left - but I did give the guy a chance and showed cautious optimism during the beginnings of his reign. My opinion soon turned, but I gave him a chance. The same goes for Vermeil. I wasn't entirely thrilled about him. But unlike his predecessor, he has so far shown no reason to doubt him at this point.

Majority opinions aren't always the right opinion, but I'm sorry about this one - because in this case the majority opinion is dead on accurate.
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