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How can people NOT disagree with moves by an organization who's history is littered with moves like dumping Pro Bowl Starting Quarterback Rich Gannon? Carl "Satan" Peterson is only concerned with filling my beloved Arrowhead to capacity and developing players for other teams. I'm convinced that Donnell Bennett is the next former Kansas City Chief that we'll see as a Pro Bowl starter.

Marty will show you all this season just how wrong you are about the coordinators and their successful reunion in Washington will hasten the end of Carl "Satan" Peterson's reign. It's only a matter of time before Mr. Lamar Hunt figures out that Carl "Satan" Peterson is not the leader to take this organization all the way to the big game and has let talent OTHER than Pro Bowl Starting Quarterback Rich Gannon escape.

The PPL was never more apparent than when the article appeared mentioning "respected special teams coach, Mike Stock." The PPL was to poke fun at the article, instead of recognizing that Mike Stock IS an accomplished special teams coach who is well known and respected throughout the league. It wouldn't have been in an article distributed worldwide if it weren't true, but you all still just can't accept it!
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