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I don't know about others, but it's the blatant hypocrisy of trashing "Rams West" without having seen one game of a Vermeil coached Chiefs team while not at the same time labelling years of Marty/Gun coached Chiefs teams "Browns West" that causes me to question your credibility. The things Chiefs fans came to hate about the Marty/Gun years (RBBC, pounding a converted fullback playing halfback up the centers backside against an eight or nine man front, playing not to lose instead of playing to win) were all concepts featured with Marty's Browns and Gun followed in Marty's "Browns West" footsteps.

From the one Chiefs game I've seen (vs. Jax) this year, the plays and offense we're running are designed to utilize an all pro te and a good fullback, neither of which were featured in St. Louis. Unlike "Browns West", Vermeil appears to be adapting his personal philosophy to suit the talent and ability of our players rather than impose his philosophy on the talent available. It would appear the same "Browns West" philosophy you are so enamoured with is alive and not so well in D.C. Maybe if you were to call yourself "Browns West" Johnny instead of KC Johnny, you might have more credibility. It would seem that is where your loyalty lies.
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