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Originally Posted by suds79
Wow get prepaired to get flammed for this topic.

But I'm with ya so I'll say.

1st - Best Tackle avaliable.

2nd - Best Guard avaliable to replace Will when he retires. Perhaps Tackle again becuase we need 2 of em.

3rd - WR and some FA WR pickup.
Yea I mght take heat, but if it makes a differance I've been saying 6 and 10 since before the season started. As for the draft I think it's time to make a big move. We are not going to sniff the playoffs untill at least 2008(if we are lucky) so why not move up and draft Lienart(spelling?)(not a big usc guy)...or,I don't think they trade with us, try and make a move for Rivers.
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