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John Matrix

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Originally Posted by Phobia
Listen to me closely, Howdy Doody.

It's clear that you fancy yourself some kind of intellectual wannabe. I enjoy rapping with that variety of person from time to time. But until you master the concept of the pooper scooper, I'm kinda out of your league. Start out on somebody like royr17 and get back to me in a couple years. Good luck.

Is the Kansas City internet mafia going to put me down for circumventing the chain of message board command? Are all the endless vending machine company reps going to put out a hit on me because I don't follow the golden axiom "never question the will of the almighty Phobia"? The fact that you think someone needs to earn status on here in order to have an argument with you proves that your delusions are so extensive that nothing less than an elephant gun of thorazine in your ass will return you to normalcy.
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