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Originally Posted by Valiant
Seriously you post a picture of yourself that is that goofy looking, and you make fun of some fat chicks??? And how are you a competant racists, Urkel could bash you gimpy weak ass... How did
you pick up the bag of poo, did you get help?
You make two off the cuff comments about Andre Johnson and Shannon Sharpe and all of a sudden you're a racist...well, I guess I'll deal with that one.

I guess I'm talking to Ken Shamrock here. Since this thread was dead serious in matter, perhaps I should have taken a picture in the robe of a Supreme Court justice delivering the decision on a controversial case involving flag burning. Or I guess I could have taken it down the comical route...hence the goofy look. I guess I should quake in my boots, or break out in tears from total fear Obviously you're a bad motherfucker... what with your GI Joe Avatar and all. What do you do when people fuck with you at a bar, transform into a tank and shoot them with a ray gun? You're obviously just one of Phobia's jack off buddies, so go do yourself a favor and get a good night's rest, you'll need it when you're whacking off to that picture of a bird that he has up now. Go King Cobra, you bloody douche rag.
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