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Originally Posted by Metrolike
Your and idiot. And you're absolutely clueless. You actually think that you pose some kind of a threat or something to the people you're "arguing" with? They've dealt with morons like you for 5.5 years now. Me being one of those morons. Either A. You mature and realize how much of jackass you were and become a valuable member of this community or B. You fade out like the rest of the idiots who thought they were the shit.

Good luck either way.
I don't think I pose a 'threat' to anyone on this board, considering that this is an entirely electronic conversation. Perhaps that should be directed someone like Valiant who started talking shit last night like he just put down Bas Rutten.

So by maturity should I grow a salt and pepper mullet and a beer gut that looks like I'm nine months pregnant like most of these cyber-badasses, or should I cower in fear b/c a mod might, gasp, ban me?

You think I give a rat fuck about who they've dealt with in the past? Everyone seemed to think this thread was funny until Phobia threw a hissy fit. The rest of his Pals4Life simply joined in to help out their bestest buddy in the world, showing him that the true meaning of community is a circle jerk. So go towel the spuge off of your faces and go get your fucking shinebox, mo'fucker.
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