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Originally Posted by John Matrix
All a eugenicist would need to do in order to convince society of his aims is to take a close look at about the last 10 fucko's to post on this board. One more time for the road, as I said last night, I don't give a shit how many of Phobia's little internet buddies flame me on this message board. If this is the best shit that you guys can bring, well then you can go fuck yourself. Iowanian, it doesn't surprise me that you would bring necrophilia into this post, I'm just surprised you haven' t found away to mention bestiality as well.

The pathetic thing about all you fucks is that you are an internet clique, a clique of people whose major reason for getting up in the morning would seem to be posting on this board.

How many copies have come and gone across the last five years? What the fuck are you all still doing here after five years? The fact that your lives have devolved to the point where you spend half a decade of your adult lives as potent, active members of this board is ridiculous. The way you treat new members on this board shows your own idiocy and lack of self worth.

A dude loses his cat, so you call him a retard. He ****s up a term of internet slang, so you mock him over that. Is that all you pathetic fucks have in your life, that you have to give sh*t to people on this board b/c they aren't part of your e-posse?

This board is entertaining for a while, but after sometime I would gather that most people get sick of putting up w/ the jackasses on the board like most of you fucks.

The sad thing about this place is that I'll probably fade away in a few weeks or months, probably come back around for the draft to get more info, but you bad motherfuckers will still be here five years later, just like you were five years before. Fading away from this board isn't a sign of giving up, rather it's probably a sign of hope. Yet most of you obviously see it as some form of grave failure for the member to meet up to your 'standards'.

Iowanian, perhaps I should bow down to a man of your obvious infinite knowledge, a man who has belonged to this board since the fucking Clinton administration. You must be so much better than me because you're a Suburban Commando with a wife he hates and kids he can't stand. You must be king of the world, what with that avatar of a flaming keyboard and all. What a true badass.

If you want to take shots of me because of an intentionally goofy look I made during a photo, then that's cool, I have enough self worth that I can take it. I've seen the member photo's section of this website, most of you are charter members of the all-ugly team, so your attempts to put me down are a might like the pot and kettle, not that you are smart enough to make that analogy anyway.

I'll probably be out of here in a week, you'll still be starting sticky polls in leetspeak, eating takeout food in the ramshackles you live in. Here's a poll for you, you're all approaching middle age, your lives have no meaning and your jobs do nothing to create to the better good of society. What are you going to do about? Survey says you are going to post on a football board and try to prove how much of a badass you are by ganging up on a dude in order to protect your e-friendships. But that's cool, as I said, I can take it.

Enjoy the 9-5 grind for the rest of your lives you sad fucks...Good luck starting up those "civil unrest hurricanes" Iowanian, I'm sure it's a hell of a job you do there, bitch.

But yet you post all about this on your blog that was posted above... Aahah give me a f'ing break.. I think it would be amusing since we know the vicinity of where you live and your name if I go rub dog shit all over the cars in teh parking lot and fill the mailboxes up with it and then phone your landlord that some troglodyte came out of the complex fitting your so-called elitist ass discription and see how long you live there...

Man, this shit must turn you on.. Go back to your blog where you are king and everybody worships your ass in kirksville...

****ing D-bag...
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