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John Matrix

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Trying to make sense with you mongoloids is about as easy as trying to pry any of you away from this board for more than a day. I will say it once again, I don't give a shit what you say about me, you're all nothings, you know it and I know it. The only thing I feel sorry for in this thread is the world, not myself. I can take care of me just fine, I just wonder what this mass clusterfuck of posters on this page does for the average IQ and per capita income of the greater kansas city area. There's a reason why a lot of fans around the league think most Chiefs fans are stupid redeneck bastards, and that reason is the display you partial-birth abortions give them. I can't even imagine how much meth most of you dipshits have to cook up in order to afford your season tickets, but it's patently obvious that the fumes have gotten to most of you who couldn't follow a line of logical thought if it woke up and fucked your skank wives in their gaping gashes.

I realize that most of you are to failure what Einstein was to relativity, so if talking shit on a Chiefs board makes you feel like you have a little bit more between your legs than that 2.75 inches you're packing or a little more hope of success or meaning in your lives than the endless voids staring in front of all of you, then smile wide, because you must be very proud of yourselves.

The reality of the matter is that you're all a bunch of broke-dick clingons with about as much right to life as that bag of crap.
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