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Originally Posted by Clint in Wichita
No, I'm saying her sexuality is not related to the topic at hand.
Of course it is. You post a subject everyone knows is personal and keep it from being so even though it involves members of the board. Then you want to speak in vague generalities.

1. It isn't appropriate (what isn't appropriate? What's going over the line?)
2. Her sexuality doesn't matter (of course it does flirting is all about sexuality)
3. Your barking up the wrong tree. (how so?)
4. Men just want to **** women that flirt with them (Funny I thought men just want to **** all good looking women I didn't know flirtation was a prerequesite.

If you have a good looking women it comes down to a matter of trust as multiple guys are trying to hit that every day. Other than that it is kind of hard to seriously address you when you keep hiding under the covers trying not to expose yourself on the subject.
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