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Originally Posted by raiderhader
Tuesday and Wednesday. Not my arrangement, just what I have been scheduled the past several weeks (it could change any time). I'm not complaining, though I'd give both days up just to have Sunday off. But, like I said, I'm not complaining.

The job is so so right now, I find myself working with people that I like working with (in the bar area of restaraunt anyway, out on the floor I find there people I don't care so much for). A pretty tight group we have there, people who aren't going to screw you over intentionally, and will actually put for some extra effort to help you. You just don't find that in as a group of co-workers very often, maybe one or two, but not all (5 in our current case). It's almost like a second family. So that aspect I love and do not want to walk away from. But there is a lot of other BS going on that has me thinking about looking for work else where. Alot of BS. So I'm rsther frustrated right now and playing the wait and see game, see just how things play out the next two or three weeks.
Heh....I won't take out my red pen....

Well, it sounds like the group you work closest with is cool. As for the others, if they are not as much a part of your job...ignore them as best you can. Too bad about the BS; I presume you are referring to immature-silliness or politics, if it's anything like my past in that line of work. Sometimes it's good to keep an eye out for something better, but hold onto what you got in the meantime....hang in there, man.
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