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Just finishing up Effendi : the second arabesk by, Jon Courtenay Grimwood itís the second book in an offbeat trilogy.

Itís a noir cyberpunk set in an alternate universe where the Ottoman Empire still exists, the first book was called after Pashazade.

In the truck Iím listening to Roving Mars by Steve Squyres. Squyres was the principal scientist on the Mars rover mission. Really interesting to see all of the politics and ups and downs that collimated in the two rovers getting to Mars.

Next on my shelf is Flush by Carl Hiaasen, itís a juvenile book but my son brought it home and I try and read everything written by this guy.
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redbrian ....proof positive that somebody pissed in the gene pool.redbrian ....proof positive that somebody pissed in the gene pool.
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