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Your full of sht once again. Packer tickets didnt cost $40 in 1989. In fact, they were as low as $35 two years ago. I doubt the team has LOWERED their prices since you allegedly went to the game.
I paid $40 for the PAIR of tickets, you ignorant, can't read-worth-a-**** ****stick.

I would like to show you a media guide so you can see how insane that comment is.
Is that your only source of information? Sure, the game may have been sold out, but there were a ton of empty "seats", just like Arrowhead

We both know you werent there.
Yes I was, dip****. Why in the hell would I lie about it? If I still had the stub I'd scan it in and shove it your cyber ****ing ***. Were you there? Did you scan the crowd and fail to see me? Did your precious media guide not show me as being in attendance? I've been to Arrowhead, Lambeau, Soldier Field, TWA Dome and the Metrodome. Would've been to the old RFK Stadium in DC had I been able to get tickets. You have no ****ing idea what I've done or where I've been.

You know, I've put up with a lot of your bull****, but this is the FINAL straw. The fact that you are trying to call me a liar is un-****ing acceptable and I demand an apology from you for accusing me of lying. Otherwise, I'll do what I can to get your troll a$$ banned from this site.

~~Insulted beyone belief.
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