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Nothing pisses me off more than when someone unjustly calls me a liar, especially when I haven't lied about anything. If I was just pulling stuff out of my a$$, then I wouldn't even respond.

I was there ... don't remember much of the game due to the amount of beer I drank (having a fake ID at 18 was sweet ... too bad the cop I was pulled over by at 19 didn't feel that way. At least I didn't go to jail!). But here is what I do remember:

It was cold ... real cold. The game was in November (don't remember who they were playing, but I want to say it was an AFC Central team. I could be wrong—I was more interested in not passing out than watching the game!) The stadium is kinda cool—it's all one level. We sat in section 30 something ... it was in the endzone is all I remember. We left in the fourth quarter because the guy I was with started to puke up the peppermint schnapps that was being passed around.

My big comlaint would be the seats ... metal bleachers ... and when you're as thin as I am, your a$$ gets real, real cold real, real quick on those things!

I really wish I still had the stub and guide I got. I could rub Ken's nose in it.

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