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Well, I don't truthfully know. Those who should know much more about football than me that I pay attention to keep telling me how good he is. Those same people throw out names like Kurt Warner and Joe Montana. But, will decent WR talent help trINT make better decisions? Will an upper echelon WR prevent trINT from slinging the ball while he's in the grasp of a ridiculously large DT? Will he stop throwing ill advised balls into double and triple coverage in the red zone? How much more effort does it require to throw the ball 2 yards higher and further (out of the endzone) thereby buying yourself another play? Does better WR talent prevent a QB from staring down the primary WR on an out pattern? Does that same WR catch a football thrown 10 feet in front of him into the dirt? Does he leap into the air to snatch the ball thrown 10 feet over his head? Does the better WR eventually switch from Offense to DB in order to prevent Deltha ONeal from catching any more balls? Will this WR help trINT manage the clock better so he doesn't have to burn TO's to avoid a DOG penalty? I'm sure there is a such a WR somewhere. Unfortunately, he's not called a WR - he's a QuarterBack.

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