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Originally Posted by Big Dick Jones
Hey, William, I didn't know you liked books? Hell, I didn't know you could read what with that KSU education. I have a couple of books you might like. You only need the small crayola pack and the lines are wide enough even you can stay between them. PM me and I will send you these books. Please post your creations on the Planet. Your pal, Big Dick Jones
No Dick or Stones (yes skip, we all know it's you)

you still haven't told everybody why you bailed out on your old screen name. All that hubris about how many "100 post threads" you've started finally wear thin on you? Or did WPI finally "kill for a poster like you?" Personally, I think the you got spanked by everybody over the n00b thing, and you ran away. Like a Kotter. Embarrassing.

You friggin' putz.

Speaking of education, that KU psychology degree must come in pretty handy when you're setting up the azimuth on dish?

In the future try to keep with the theme of the thread. I realize that reading the DTV installation manual probably maximizes your synaptic potential, but I promise not to laugh.

Really. I won't.
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